Wow, I had previously enjoyed 2 small containers of this product. It’s not like I have the extra 50.00 to spend, but we find a way to get the things we REALLY love into our makeup routines. These containers last for well over a year, so when it all fell apart in March 2020 with Chanel shutting down this product and relaunching it, oh and the start of a pandemic, I didn’t pay attention. Well before Jan 2021 and I went online ordered it happened, when I used it I was so dull I didn’t think twice that it was completely different. I just wrote it down in chalk, even️ I don’t even know. Maybe it was me !! I decided that maybe I was using the wrong brush or something. So I went to my YOUTUBE online university and typed Chanel Tan du Soleil. Well, that’s when all the T got spilled on this product. You would think they would leave their bestseller alone. They changed the whole formula and didn’t even have the decency to add a color or two. It’s a universal shade of bronzer that just doesn’t make sense. It’s horrible, it lifts your foundation, it doesn’t blend and the color is pretty green. The second ingredient is now coconut oil ….. RU KIDDING ME CHANEL ??? Never again. I return it and never buy from the company again. Has anyone else experienced this?