So for Halloween this year I decided to step out of my comfort zone with my makeup. I made a pink wing with three crystals on the lower lashes. A colleague of mine said he loved my ‘glowing makeup’ and every time I show up for work he’s disappointed that it’s just my everyday base makeup. Tbh it makes me want to wear regular makeup more often and gave me a real confident boost. Especially his comments after he was excited for more glowing makeup. I just wanted to share this with someone and if anyone has any ideas for cool makeup, hmu. Preferably without crystals as I usually work with food, we don’t want people to find little crystal stickers in their food. (I was not preparing the food that day, I was just delivering and handling the customers in the house as we were understaffed so no possibility of contaminating the food. I was called spontaneously otherwise I would have not had this kind of manufacturing on)