I find it hard to stick to something, any hobby, if I don’t have a real goal in mind, whether I achieve it or not. While I already love makeup and seem to enjoy it more every day, I get a bit depressed when I don’t have a goal in mind … if that makes sense. So, I was wondering if anyone here has any goals for catching up? Just a few ideas that I can review. I envisioned a cosmetology school, but the ones in my area are… gross. Worst area in town, collapsing one room buildings, worst kind of reviews … just yeesh. So I thought about Sephora’s counters? Before the pandemic started, literally the week of, I was talking to people at my mall and they said they were almost always looking for friendly women, to work at the makeup counters. But – I have no experience with other people’s makeup. My husband just won’t understand the photo and lets me practice. : P I would have no idea how to get the experience to work such a job. I am currently thinking about blogging because I love to write. But … I don’t have a ton of different makeup to review or compare. The cheaper the better, so I’m not someone who really splurgs when it comes to catching up. I’m also still learning. About makeup in general, so I don’t think continuing to write blog posts about the little that I know is the way to go. I am not an expert. I’m not even a beginner expert. XD So I thought, being on someone’s PR list, just as a goal. But I see a lot of guides that are not … direct? It’s just “send all of these pages a mission statement and wait” for the kind of information. What if I don’t care how long it takes but only have one or two brands in mind? I don’t just want to be on a “free” makeup list. I want to be on / their / list. Even if it’s a long shot. How do I find information about something direct? Hope others can give me some insight. Please note that the goal is not free makeup or cash. I use makeup because I love creativity. But I am a goal oriented person and I cannot understand it. : / Conversation is what I’m looking for, 🙂 thanks!