argan oil organic cold pressed unrefined bulk : USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL – Cold Pressed, Unrefined in 4 oz Dark Glass Bottle with Dropper | An essential daily or night time moisturizer for face, skin, nails, lips, beard & hair

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argan oil organic cold pressed unrefined bulk : USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL – Cold Pressed, Unrefined in 4 oz Dark Glass Bottle with Dropper | An essential daily or night time moisturizer for face, skin, nails, lips, beard & hair

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Hair Moisturizer
Jojoba oil not only protects your hair from the damaging effects of heat, sunlight and chemical processing, it also rejuvenates and repairs damaged hairs with essential fatty acids. Hair grows stronger, thicker and healthier when the vitamins and fatty acids in the jojoba oil bonds to the hair shaft to help seal the hair, from the damaging elements. Naturally, the stronger and healthier your hair becomes, the shinier and softer it will feel. Dull, dry hair with broken and split ends are repaired through the infusion of the oil’s vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Skin Moisturizer
Jojoba oil also hydrates dry, flaky skin with deep penetrating fatty acids and nourishing vitamins that helps to keep skin feeling soft and smooth. Since jojoba oil is a natural, organic product very similar to sebum, the skin’s natural oil, it will not clog pores or leave your face feeling greasy. Not only do the fatty acids in jojoba oil treat dry skin, it also helps to repair the collagen matrix that is important in keeping your face supple and firm. This will over time help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Eczema and Rosacea Relief
Jojoba has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that helps reduce the redness caused by dry skin and rosacea and eczema.

Balances Oil Production
Jojoba is one of the few oils that works on all skin types, as it stops the skin from producing more oil on its own as it balances oil production. This is especially beneficial for those with oily skin, which leads to clogged pores and acne. The antiseptic property of jojoba helps to prevent acne scars as well. Use it with the Oil Cleansing Method for clear, healthy skin. 

Reduces Wrinkles
Rich in vitamin E, jojoba oil fights the free radicals that lead to fine lines and wrinkles.

Makeup Remover
Oil removes oil. Add three or four drops of jojoba oil to a cotton ball and watch as it easily removes mascara, lipstick and other makeup naturally, without any harsh chemicals.

Cracked Heels Treatment
Jojoba oil keeps the bottom of your feet soft and smooth with regular application. Massage the oil into the feet and put on socks and leave on for an hour or more.

Prevents Razor Burns
Since jojoba is non-allergenic and non-comedogenic, it is perfect for using on the face as a pre-shave lotion. Jojoba is also naturally anti-inflammatory making it soothing to the skin and reducing risk of razor burn, it’s especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin. You can also use it afterwards to soothe and moisturize the skin.



What is a Hot Oil Treatment?

As the name implies, hot oil treatment is a method of deep moisturizing dry, brittle, damaged or otherwise unruly hair to make it softer and more manageable. Hair that has been colored, styled or sun damaged will look more healthy and vibrant after a hot oil treatment.

Once a week or every other week is all it takes!

Five Simple Steps to Beautiful Hair


Hot oil treatments are good for all hair types. Especially for those with split ends, dry and damaged hair. The heat from the oil helps to open up the cuticle of the hair follicle to allow moisture to penetrate the shaft of the hair. 

STEP 1 – Wash Your Hair

Wash your hair with shampoo to ensure your scalp and strands are clean enough for proper absorption of nutrients from the hot oil treatment. Comb or brush your hair to loosen tangles or knots.

STEP 2 – Heating the Oil

Place your bottle of Renewalize oil in a bowl of hot water for eight minutes to warm up. Test a drop on your wrist to make sure the oil is not too hot. Do not heat oil in the microwave, as it will lose its natural benefits.

STEP 3 – Apply the Oil

Apply the oil to the root end first and work it through with your fingertips through to the end of your hair strand. Massage the oil into the scalp for five minutes.

STEP 4 – Cover It Up

Place a plastic cap over your head. Dip a towel in hot water to make it hot. Ring out the excess water and wrap towel around your head (over the cap) for at least 30 minutes.

STEP 5 – Wash and Rinse Hair

Wash and rinse your hair as ususal.

Renewalize Misting BottleRenewalize Misting Bottle

Moisturizing Spray

This product may be used with the Renewalize Misting Bottle for an easy, efficient way to apply the jojoba oil to the body and hair. After a shower or bath, use the bottle to spray a continuous mist of oil evenly onto damp skin and hair to help seal in moisture. May also be used to moisturize dry skin and hair as well.

SKINCARE: Jojoba oil is not actually an “oil”, but a liquid wax, very similar to sebum, the natural oil that our skin produces to lubricate the skin and hair. It can be used as a substitute for sebum for those with a deficiency in sebum production. It can also be used to balance oil production by regulating and removing excess sebum from the skin, a common cause of acne. Jojoba oil absorbs quickly into the skin without any oily residue to make the skin soft and supple.
SKIN THERAPY: Jojoba’s anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing the redness caused by dry skin and other conditions such as rosacea and eczema. In addition to firming and moisturizing the skin, jojoba also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The vitamin E in jojoba helps fight free radicals that are responsible for skin aging.
OTHER USES: Jojoba oil is an all natural makeup remover, even on the toughest waterproof makeup. Soak a cotton ball in jojoba oil and rub it all over the face to remove mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow. Jojoba oil also works great on healing cracked heels. Regular application of jojoba will keep the bottom of the feet soft and smooth. Dry cuticles can also be treated with jojoba. Nails are strengthened from breakage with every application. Jojoba also prevents razor burns & reduces stretch marks.
HAIRCARE: Jojoba oil cleanses the scalp of clogged sebum to reduce hair loss and breakage, while giving it a healthy shine. Just like with the skin, jojoba oil helps to control the sebum excretion in the scalp, that leads to oily scalp and hair.


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