Very generalized title. But, a few things to say, I think. I love social media marketing. I like makeup ..? To be honest, I’m a makeup newbie. I love eye shadow and love lip stuff .. but trying to do a full face .. it never looks good .. But I love to play with it. However .. the beauty community .. honestly scares me .. I don’t know if it’s fair to try to go out in general .. like any niche would scare me, or if it’s fair the beauty community in general. For the most part, the people that I am are nice and kind and I even get responses that are kind. I don’t know if I have the personality for this, you know? But at the same time .. do I just need to give myself time? I had fun with the little Instagram post I did, but with every post I got very anxious. I end up not tagging things because I panic that someone will actually see my post, especially when I really don’t know what I’m doing in the beauty community. It’s funny. But it’s hard work. I posted every few days for a while, but life really took a turn for the worse and I haven’t had a chance to mess with makeup at all. I’m not the type to have to wear makeup when I go out. But then Colourpop got the sale and I bought another safe, and OMG, I’m incredibly excited. I’m a bookworm, love having new books … but … to be honest I feel like I get so much more horny when I have new makeup coming in … this which is weird to me. I’m in my 30s and just really found myself, so maybe this is the direction I want to go and it will just be a little bit of work? So … I guess I’m trying to figure out, how much effort will be worth it? How much effort does it really take to put on makeup on Instagram and find a decent place in the community? I’m not necessarily talking about followers… just… friendships? Is it even a thing? can i just love, dive in and hope to find makeup buddies? Or is it really something that I should expect to have only superficial connections? Is it possible to make a profession out of it? Even if he’s not a crazy super influencer? Does anyone want to share their experience entering the Instagram scene? I often see posts with questions like mine, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen someone come back as a newbie to the stage and talk about their experience getting in or trying to get into. the community. Any chatter on the subject is appreciated!