argan oil shampoo and conditioner set hair regrowth : Ds Laboratories Revita Shampoo 925 Ml and Revita Cor Conditioner 925 Ml

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argan oil shampoo and conditioner set hair regrowth : Ds Laboratories Revita Shampoo 925 Ml and Revita Cor Conditioner 925 Ml

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Product Description

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Ideal for anyone who struggles with…

Thinning Hair
Male pattern baldness 
Hair loss
Damaged, over-processed hair

Hair problems, with highly varied manifestations and etiologies, are a cause for concern and often the reason for a dermatological or pharmaceutical consultation. Hair loss, which can be due to multiple factors, hereditary, stress, poor diet or hormonal changes, must be treated with specific products. DS Laboratories offers a wide range of state of the art products with nanosomal technology for best results quickly. REVITA Shampoo State of the art hair loss and hair-stimulating shampoo.

What is it?

Revita is a powerful combination of exclusive ingredients especially designed to maintain hair vitality and revitalize the hair follicles for best results quickly. It contains a large number of ingredients, notably procyanidin B2 as a powerful antioxidant, niacinamide and copper peptides that improve vascularization conditions; caffeine as an inhibitor of follicle testosterone and amino acids (ornithine, taurine and cysteine) that provide a structural function to the hair and elasticity to the hair follicle. Its formula is developed without sodium lauryl sulfate, a detergent commonly used in shampoos, associated with skin irritation, dryness and hair loss.

Thanks to the Nanosome Delivery System it offers better results in a shorter period of time.

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Redensifies Hair
Stimulates Growth
Stops Hair Loss
Revitalizes Hair Follicles
High Potency Hair Stimulation
Volumizes from the inside out
Maintains healthy hair cycles

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According to a study conducted among over 500 people (men and women aged between 18 and 55 with moderate or severe hair loss):

> 90% experienced a decrease in hair loss

> 70% experienced a reduction in hair loss rate

> 85% experienced an improvement in the overall appearance of the hair

Revita Actual Shampoo ColorRevita Actual Shampoo Color


Apply Revita with a gentle massage on wet hair. Leave it for one to two minutes before rinsing. Repeat and leave on the hair for three to five minute and finally rinse.

For optimal results, Revita should be used at least five times per week.

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Free of Harsh Chemicals
Color Safe for Treated hair
Biodegradable Packaging

Nanosome Technology EBC

Nanosome Technology EBC

Nanosome Technology

This highly advanced delivery system combined with finest quality natural active ingredients insures remarkable results and effectiveness. This technology puts DS Laboratories at the forefront of innovation in dermatology.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE FORMULA: Revita Shampoo and Conditioner formula incorporates caffeine, amino acids, proteins and botanicals and is an optimal daily hair product for anyone who wants better, thicker, fuller, healthier looking hair. They gently clean while delivering powerful stimulation that strengthens hair, maximizes hair count, enhances length, boosts density and improves overall hair quality.
PERFECT FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN: By the age of 30, women start to see a loss of volume, shine, strength, and elasticity. By the age of 50, half of all men show signs of male pattern baldness. Thanks to its unique formula, Revita Shampoo and Conditioner help both women and men oppose visible signs of hair and scalp aging.
SULFATE AND PARABEN-FREE: Unlike common shampoos and conditioners, Revita contains no sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, or other cheap detergents that inflame scalp tissue. Instead, it deploys natural cleansers to increase scalp health and compounds to boost hydration, nutrition, and protein.
SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES AND SAFE FOR COLOR TREATED HAIR: Revita Shampoo and Conditoner are ideal for all hair types and can be safely used on color treated hair.


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